Large File Transfer

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Due to security concerns and file size limitations of 3rd party file sharing applications such as DropBox and ShareFile, many firms are bringing this function in house.  The sharing of discovery with client or co-counsel has brought this to the forefront of many a paralegal and legal assistants’ day.

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The most used 3rd party applications have a file size limitation of 2GB.  Many of the PDF files firms are sharing exceed this limitation and require staff to create several PDF files from a single PDF to bypass this.  There is no limitation with the Liquid Files product!  You must keep in mind that transferring files across the internet will always take time and how much time is based upon the internet speeds of the recipient. 

In addition to the time saving feature of this product, you also have a great audit trail!  When a recipient views or downloads a file, the sender receives a notification email with the IP address, username, and time that action was taken.  This has proven beneficial for a few clients in court when opposing counsel reported not receiving something!

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