Systems Security Monitoring

With so much stress and uncertainty all around us, Livewire is dedicated to taking the worry of system security monitoring out of our Customers’ minds.

With our widely deployed Microsoft Systems Operations Management Suite, Livewire automatically monitors and maintains our geographically redundant hosted and on-premises server and workstation architecture.  This allows for almost instant 7x24x365 event notification, resulting in rapid resolution, usually with no end-user knowledge or impact.

The System Operation Management Suite also includes security monitoring for improper access attempts, denial of service attacks, and any unexpected user creation or modifications, allowing our IT Team to analyze and block any threat.  It also monitors for all new security updates, and can download, package, and distribute these to the appropriate server or workstation for seamless updates, assuring that Livewire and our customers are always fully protected.

The wide use of our System Operations Management Suite is just one example of how Livewire provides peace of mind while protecting our customers’ data and their ability to be productive.

Technologies:  Systems Operation Manager; WSUS

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