Transfer of Large Files

All of LiveWire’s clients have different practice groups but similar pain points amongst them such as not being able to email large files securely. 

To keep clients from having to choose between sending unlimited sized files or compromising the security of the messages they are sending, LiveWire introduced LiquidFiles.  Unlike other platforms such as Biscom or ShareFile, there are no file size limitations with LiquidFiles.  This limitation with the other products creates more work for the legal assistants who have to break down very large PDF files into single, smaller files.  Additionally, LiquidFiles provides an audit trail letting the sender know who accessed the file with an IP address, date, and time.  This has proven to be useful when opposing counsel denies receiving information!

For the setup, LiveWire created a server to allow the client to send large files safe and securely.  By doing this, the user has two options available to them to send larger files.  It is as simple as dragging and dropping from Edocs or folders or using an Outlook plug-in to access Liquid Files directly from their Outlook.  Either approach with LiquidFiles is user friendly and inexpensive to maintain.

Technologies:  Windows Server; LiquidFiles software

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