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Hybrid Cloud Hosting Solutions


LiveWire offers you worry-free complete or hybrid cloud hosting solutions. Here are a few of the benefits:

Elimination of high capital server costs.

Easy Local & Remote Access to your Data from any corner of the world.

Security Assurance with Advanced Malware Protection.

Quick Solutions with 24X7 Support.

Disaster Recovery

Data Replication in Geo-redundant Data Centers

Network penetration testing for security requirements

System Integration Consulting & Solutions


Infrastructure Consulting and design for single and multiple locations.

Secure Document & Content Management for your files

Legal Application customizations

Network security & System wide Upgrades

Extensive experience addressing importing and exporting data from various system integration solutions, document management software system, email, and other legal applications

Document Management System For Law Firms


Document management systems for law firms have always been critical in effectively managing the firms’ intellectual property. The demand for security has risen substantially for firms having to address regulatory security compliance from their clients.

Single repository matter management

Flexible storage

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Our Happy Clients!

Corporate Legal

Law firms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are a law firm needing assistance with product selection; implementation; or hosting services, here is why LiveWire is the right partner.  We have focused exclusively on the legal marketplace for more than twenty years.  Our expertise with document management, case management, and other legal centric applications allows us to provide personalized solutions for our clients.

With our private cloud hosting solution, we can bring your hardware and software into compliance.  This includes remote access capabilities; ongoing backend upgrades of your applications; server hardware and all associated operating systems; server failover; and backups.  These are just a few of the examples of why LiveWire is the right partner for you.  Also, check out our customer success stories.

We do work with inhouse legal counsels in implementing their document management systems.  These implementations can be quite different from the law firm configurations in that most do not work in a matter centric type environment.  The metadata captured via the profiles is much different, therefore customization is involved.  Having vast experience with real estate, sporting goods stores, financial firms, software and hardware manufacturers, makes us a great resource for planning and implementing your customized database.

Unlike most generic cloud vendors, Livewire specializes in application management as much as infrastructure management.  We understand the applications your firm is running!  We do not rely on third-party providers or third-party support teams such as, Microsoft Azure or Google Drive for servers and licensing.  Our in-house team monitors and addresses all security and compliance requirements, fully understanding how updates and security can affect your firms’ applications.  Coupling our application knowledge with our in-house management, is why LiveWire stands alone among other cloud vendors for your needs.

There are many situations in which this question would apply.  The most common situation is when a practice group is breaking out.  This is where hosting proves to be the most cost effective and quickest way for these groups to get up and running while maintaining the solutions necessary for their productivity. The data transfer usually takes place over a few weeks as the new firm’s client base approves the transfer to the new firm.  Cost effectiveness, with assistance in the logistics of cabling, internet, phones, and other vendors makes LiveWire a great resource in your new firm startup.

The security of our client’s data is a top priority.  To protect the integrity and availability of our hosted clients’ data, LiveWire maintains a fully geo redundant architecture complete with off server backups allowing us to maintain three copies.  Further protection includes all data maintained behind our firewalls running intrusion protection systems, anti-malware and antivirus protection, validated with quarterly penetration tests.  Data security and the cost effectiveness are the biggest reasons firms are moving to our hosted solution.

When requested, LiveWire has assisted our clients with compliance audits for firms with large banking and insurance clients.  These audits can be quite intensive.  With our internal Microsoft System Center solution, we can generate reports and work with the firms on their internal security procedures and documentation.

Yes, it is not uncommon to receive an audit request from Microsoft.   Microsoft audits are complicated but, with us being familiar with the complexity of these audits, we can address and ensure existing licensing is compliant or assist in license reconciliation in a timely manner.

We look forward to discussing how our services can benefit your firm and can be reached via email at or by phone at (972) 294-1390.