Hosting Services

Why Choose Law Firm Cloud Hosting?

Let’s take the mystery out of the law firm cloud hosting. There are no differences in functionality between hosted and on-premise solutions, except where the servers are physically located. We can host one or all of your applications to meet your business needs and nothing changes in how you work day today.

Your Firm + LiveWire’s Private Cloud = Worry Free Computing


Reduce Capital Costs

We acquire, deploy, and maintain our hardware and software solutions with our in-house staff. Providing you consistent and predictable IT costs.

Flexible Storage Capacity

We can handle requests to store data permanently or temporarily and provide access to client or co-counsels with no more in-house hardware restraints

Security and Disaster Recovery

Implementing the following system services on-premise is very costly, but is included in all of our hosting packages:

Intrusion Protection

System Penetration Testing

URL Filtering

Worry-Free Maintenance

Advanced Malware Protection

Server Patch Management

Spam Filtering

Anytime Anywhere Access


Some of our comprehensive and flexible support plans and services

  • We can package monthly hour banks of time that can be used as needed and do not expire for 2 years.  No more unjustified monthly fees!
  • We can provide many specific services such as backup checks, Intrusion Protection report review, SysLog retention.
  • We can work with you on an as needed basis regardless of whether it’s a simple user issue or a complicated server related problem.
  • Private Cloud hosting packages that include:

All Server related support and application upgrades

24/7 Emergency Support

Annual IT reviews

Software licensing audits

Data replication in geo-redundant datacenters

Network penetration testing for security requirements