Client Driven Digitalization

Depending on the industry of LiveWire’s clients, it is not uncommon for the firms they work with to have clients that are required to retain a mass number of documents.  It can be expensive to retain the physical space to store these documents and time consuming to maintain organization within the boxes of files.

In less than 30 days, LiveWire promptly implemented a solution to digitalize over a million documents.  LiveWire utilized a solution that generates a lead sheet, which acts as a “barcode”, and then is placed in front of a mass number of documents to route to their desired destination.  With the software being a server-based platform, LiveWire created a server and configured it to “talk” to the copiers, scanners, and their eDocs document management system.  By doing this, in using the lead sheet, the following activities occurred; OCR documents to full text searchable PDF files; compress PDF files to address space restraints; and save documents to the appropriate client and matter within their document management system; this all happens on the fly.  With LiveWire’s clients digitalizing their documents, they can cut costs, focus more time on their business, and have their files be more accessible.

Technologies:  Windows Server; SQL Server