Covid Response

During the beginnings of the pandemic, Livewire helped their client’s workforce transition to work remotely while maintaining security.

With the abrupt shift, the current remote access servers could not support the volume of users who were needing access to work from home.  Think of it this way, when working, each user demands the memory and cpu of a computer. When sharing one computer (in this instance a server) with a large number of users, these resources are drained and can create slowness for users.  With plenty of server power within LiveWire’s datacenters, LiveWire was able to quickly add additional remote access servers to address the increase in the resources required to accommodate so many people working from home, while maintaining security through dual authentication.  This allowed the users to work from home with the same efficiency they had while working from the office.  If on-premises clients have the infrastructure in place to address the additional load, this process can be implemented promptly.  In addition, LiveWire worked with their clients to get failover internet in place.  This not only addressed failover if services were interrupted by a single provider but provided additional bandwidth when both connections are active.

Technologies:  Windows Remote Desktop; TPX SDWAN; DUO Dual Authentication