Replication Server Hosting

LiveWire has helped their clients understand the importance of being proactive when it comes to disaster recovery solutions.

Whether a client is in a building with ongoing power issues or has the annual threat of hurricanes, they need disaster recovery options.  There are many ways to address this depending upon budget and locations.  Some examples of options include a client’s primary network infrastructure being on-premises and LiveWire setting up a replication server provided by the client in LiveWire’s datacenter.  By doing this, when the on-premises hardware fails, the replication server can quickly be configured to be the primary reducing any downtime to minutes rather than hours.

In another scenario, firms with multiple locations can replicate servers and address backups between their offices.

In a 3rd scenario, firms can have their entire system hosted by LiveWire and this service is included by default.

Technologies:  Windows Datacenter Server; Microsoft Data Protection Manager