eDocs 16.5 New Toys

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There is a really cool new add-on module with this new release.  Its called Edocs Defense and includes (2) unique features.  Activity Monitoring and Encryption at Rest.  This module does require additional licensing but is at a very reasonable rate.

Activity monitor enables you to monitor your eDocs libraries for user activity that may indicate; data loss such as the deletion of multiple documents, checking out or copying multiple documents, or the changing of security on documents.  As so many security breaches occur internally, you will be able to create rules for any type of user activity you would like to monitor.  You will also have various options on what to do when a threshold has been met, such as send an email to the administrator and/or user; lock out the user; etc.  

The new features in the base product 16.5 release include a library health check utility and the ability to email both a copy and reference to a document, among others.