Security Awareness Training

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As security awareness training is becoming required by your clients for overall protection, we took it upon ourselves to research various platforms and have partnered with KnowBe4 as they have the best library and are on top of current threats.  

The platform includes security, compliance, HR resources and a few features we believe to be the most beneficial as it relates to your firm: 

— Ability to customize stimulated phishing reply tests and landing pages with in the moment feedback.  If a user clicks on a phishing link or attachment, you can create a “clickers” group, which will automatically enroll them in further training. 

— Create Smart Groups for training campaigns based on roles (e.g. secretary, attorneys, paralegals, administration)

— View reports to gauge the effectiveness of training and where improvements could be made to strengthen your firm’s security awareness.  There are also reports letting administration know who has not completed the training!

— Automatic enrollment for new users and “friendly reminder” follow-up emails.  With active directory integration, this is one less thing you must remember!  

We highly recommend providing security awareness training to your users for protection of firm data and a positive response to this question in your next client audit.  If you are interested in learning more about KnowBe4 or proceeding with training, you can contact us here to know more about information technology consulting company!