Document Review

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Email from Client: “When we get a big project file in, we can easily convert files to pdf when there are multiple file types.  For example, we received 1000+ emails that we had to convert and bates label.  Well, we could combine and convert to pdf, but if the emails had attachments, then they did not convert to pdf along with the emails.  So we had to convert the emails to pdf then open the attachment and convert (if it was not already a pdf) and attach it to the email pdf to make it a complete pdf.”

We found a solution that addressed this scenario and did the OCR of document management software system.  Having to open and save attachments in each email was taking up a great deal of time when you are processing thousands of emails received from your clients as part of discovery.  This solution also, by dragging and dropping, will convert many different file types to PDF so that this process is more automated when addressing discovery and document review.